June 26, 2016

My Favorite Diapers: The Honest Company

Before Malachi was born, I made the decision to try a diaper delivery service.  In the past, I had explored cloth diapers and decided I loved them.  I used these a lot for Levi (our sixth son), but when a health crisis hit when he was just seven months old, I soon found out they weren’t going to work anymore for him (or me).  I pulled them out a few more times for later babies, but ultimately came to the realization that our family is a little too big and a lot too busy to afford the luxury of washing and line-drying my sweet babies’ diapers every day.

That said, I still wanted the most chemical-free type of diaper AND one that actually worked!  Not only do Honest Company diapers keep my baby dry, but they are also a good alternative to the chlorine-filled popular brands.

And delivered to my door?  Uh…yes please!


The Honest Company

I love that I never have to run out of diapers because I can set up my delivery times for however often we need them.  AND!  Their wipes are awesome, too!  I just re-set my  monthly bundle order for six packs of diapers and four packs of wipes, so we will be all set til next month!  I love the Honest Company!

Start your free trial today with Honest diapers by clicking here.  All you pay is shipping.

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